هکرها و کنترل حساب کاربری افراد به دلیل نقص امنیتی اپل

Hackers and control of people's accounts due to Apple's security flaw

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Apple has fixed a new security flaw that could seriously endanger the cyber security of many users.

The Sign in with Apple option is the most secure login option, but it's a serious security flaw these days. As a security researcher, Buck Jin recently discovered the defect and received a $ 100,000 reward.

In this regard, if the software does not have its own special security criteria, the hacker can use Apple's public key to place the password connected to an ID as a valid password in that system. Doing so will allow the hacker to have full control over the account in question and even hide your email from other services.

The security flaw was discovered in April and was recently fixed by Apple. The company explained that there is still no evidence of abuse, and no hacker has been able to compromise users' security.

Of course, the number of Apple security vulnerabilities is increasing day by day. However, many of these defects are not exploited by hackers and will be fixed before any problems occur. However, the question here is whether Apple can prevent these defects in the first place instead of fixing them.