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Google Analytics doesn't say everything

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Various studies and reviews show that Google Analytics does not cover all issues and information related to customer behavior.

Google Analytics is a popular tool for people who have a website. This tool shows the statistics of website visitors in different details.

Website owners can use this tool to analyze their site from the moment visitors visit and plan to improve the status of their website.

Studies show that Google Analytics performs poorly on customer behavior; Therefore, website owners do not welcome the figures provided by Google Analytics.

If you are dealing with content, you know that it is not easy to understand the behavior of customers and how they feel. Tools like Google Analytics try to give their users a deeper and better understanding, but in many cases this is not possible for them.

Google Analytics is statistically very good and satisfying, but the main problem is that it doesn't fully analyze customer behavior, and it's up to you, as a business owner, to analyze the statistics and the numbers you see. Understand what customers like and what they are investing in.

Google Analytics users usually like to have all the information about their customers fully and seamlessly.

Keep in mind that the amount of input and click does not necessarily mean that a product is good and that the audience is interested in it.

You need to focus on shopping. You should try to put all the criteria together and analyze the issues and analyze the behavior of the users through the power of reasoning.

Most web analytics tools focus on page views. Visiting a page may be high due to its high ranking in Google, but the statistics related to its purchase are not satisfactory.

On the other hand, the number of visitors to the product may not be high, but it will sell well. Google Analytics is statistically excellent, but it is difficult to analyze with the owner of the online store or website.