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Develop a new platform for smart cities

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Cisco and AT&T have announced plans to work together to develop a smart city platform. The Smart City platform is a vast network of Cisco Kinetic platforms integrated with urban systems that can be used in AT&T's smart city projects, such as the Smart Cities Operations Center (SCOC).

SCOC is analyzing and storing urban information in a close-knit way - Near Real Time - and now it will be possible to add, process, and process Internet of Things (IoT) technology with the addition of the Cisco cloud platform. Be.

"In collaboration with AT&T, we are determined to fill the gaps between agencies and citizens in the city, increase revenue sources, and enable employers to be more responsive to the needs of citizens," said Cisco spokeswoman Anil Menon.

According to AT&T's spokesperson, the Cisco's Kinetic platform makes it possible to use more information, such as finding a parking space for applicant drivers, and in the meantime, miscellaneous parking space programs can be used to create jobs for them.

An AT&T spokesman also said that the implementation of the Smart City project in Portland, Oregon has begun to test the company's digital infrastructure infrastructure: "Using AT&T Digital Infrastructure, power can be connected to the sensor network. "These sensors, which are equipped with Internet of Things technology, are helping to solve problems in Portland, such as a lack of parking space and urban traffic."

Last week, AT&T announced that it was working with Ericsson to expand the capabilities of its professional Internet of Things technology services. Also, the two cities of Dallas-Atlanta and Waco are the first cities in the United States to receive the first 5G services with the help of this operator.

Cisco focuses on building smart cities. Last month, the company announced that it had invested $ 1 million in the development of smart city technology in the city of Adelaide. Among the measures taken by the company in cooperation with the Government of South Australia are the installation of the Cisco Kinetic platform and six sensors at the intersection of Grenfell-Pulteney intersection in Adelaide to measure the stopping time of cars and the length of traffic in the area. Similar measures have been reported at other intersections in the city of Adelaide to determine the city's traffic situation and traffic management.

The Cisco Smart + Connected digital platform has also been used in various other locations, including Kansas City, Copenhagen, Paris, Bucharest, Poland, Dubrovnik and Bengaluru.