Privacy Policy

● Information and Privacy Policy of FBL Solutions
The Company believes that the principles of privacy and user information is critical. This document Our company information privacy principles and guidelines related to privacy and data FBL site is described.

● The contents of this document
- This document contains details about the personal information that the company collects from users and use of this information. This includes items that are specific to each user, and it can help users to be uniquely identified. For example, you can name, address, electronic address (e-mail), telephone number and other information that are not normally available to the public.
- The document does not give us things that our company does not have any control over it. Our client companies and third persons are employed by our company and user data in the Whois of the domain name is this.

● Information we collect and how we use it
- Send your registration form to order and support the site FBL Solutions private information such as name, address, email address, and ... Put at our disposal.
● After login, you are an anonymous user, and information about your use of the Services will be held FBL Solutions. This information includes the orders and transactions, services used, personal information, and the like, but not limited to.
● FBL site all your transactions, including financial transactions is collected and stored.
- The site automatically after entering your site information including your IP address, cookie information and the pages you visit collects and maintains.

● FBL Solutions will not rent your information, not sell and will not share except in the following cases:
- If you violate the rules, and if private plaintiffs to your performance, your information may be provided to law enforcement authorities.
- If the authorities your information - for any reason - they FBL Solutions of this information is in his possession.
- FBL Solutions may store cookies on your computer for your future reference and use it to FBL Solutions site.

● Edit and modify personal information
You can change your information on the Site and any Host. This information includes any information when registering on our site you entered them FBL Solutions.

● Limit access to information
FBL site staff access to your information is restricted to only those who directly provide services or carry out their duties in this regard FBL Solutions are in contact with you to have access to this information.
● FBL Solutions for maintaining the security of confidential information, sensitive information such as passwords and ... If the password is stored in our databases in the event of an unwanted and unauthorized access to, this information is in use by the et al.
● We hope we can give you the assurance that your personal information will be kept under high security standards. We will endeavor to take all reasonable ways in which the security of any information you provide, the preserve. Your personal information is stored on secure networks. FBL Solutions responsible for the consequences of illegal access to personal information to a third person or group will not be accepted.

● Changes to this policy
FBL Solutions has the right at any time without prior notice of changes to the text in this Privacy Policy. Although we will be notified by email of all users, but users are required to constantly refer to the text, become aware of the changes and to update your information.

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